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Cell full

Cell in his Imperfect form.

« "Hello... friend!" »
Episode 42: Fear and Loathing in Ginger Town

Cell is a major villain in Dragon Ball Z Abridged. He was created by Dr. Gero, using cells from the greatest fighters known, giving him his name.

Kami, in an argument with Piccolo, stated that the Androids were nothing compared to a new, different threat. Meanwhile, in a tank, Cell in his larval form was developing. (Episode 40: 16, 17, and 18 Things I Hate About You)

Shortly, after suddenly finding Future Trunks' time machine "Hope", Gohan found the molted carapace of Cell's, to the shock of Future Trunks and Bulma. Gohan quickly determined that the creature that crawled out of the molt escaped very recently.

Soon after fusing with Kami, Piccolo, who was walking through a devastated Ginger Town, he heard ominous singing in an alleyway. As he was listening carefully, the figure appeared from the dark, singing "Mr. Sandman". It was revealed that the figure was Imperfect Cell, dragging a human corpse. Cell confronted Piccolo and menacingly whispered... "Hello... friend!". (Episode 42: Fear and Loathing in Ginger Town)

Whilst seeing into the future, Bardock saw that Goku will fight Cell in his Perfect form. (Bardock: The Father of Goku)

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